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I've moved on, but someone hasn't...

Note: I have purposely obscured the gender of the subject of today's post.

I'm starting to settle into my new life. The weather is great. I have a nice place to live and I get to spend all day with my daughter.

I do miss my old job a bit. I liked what I did. I got along with a lot of people there, but as in every job, there were jerks.

In my case it was primarily one person. It hated its job, the director, most of the staff, our customers, and anyone who wasn't afraid of it.

I fell in that last group. It did its best to make my work life difficult. When I started the job it posted my salary. It took note of my hours, though it wasn't my manager. It had me followed to find where I lived. It tried to discredit me with other staff by spreading untruths. It even had my French speaking wife's website translated to get more information on us.

When I became the focus of its hate I could have wilted. But I didn't. I wasn't the one consumed with hate. I have a good life with a wonderful wife and fantastic children. At work I was genuinely concerned with our customers and our reputation. In other words, I knew I had karma on my side.

I didn't know the full extent of its hate until someone left me copies of its memos and its notes on me. My wife was dealing with a stalker at the time so I knew the only way to deal with such a person was to go public. Never let them bully you into hiding the problem or dealing with it one-on-one.

I reported it to the director. A meeting was held and it was instructed to cease the behavior. I'm sure it didn't stop, but it did drive the activity underground.

And I forgot about it. I continued to do my job happily. After it retired I simply forgot it existed. Well, until after I announced I was leaving. Then one of its friends asked why "it" couldn't stop complaining about me....months after it had retired. I couldn't give an answer. I had better things to contemplate.

I've left that company for a new life. I had a great opportunity to take a sabbatical. I get to stay with my daughter until she starts school. When I moved hundreds of miles away I figured I'd never hear about or from "it" again.

Yesterday, I had a comment on this site:

you moved on and made everyone happy. We all know your sites and what you write and we will publish it all.

# Posted by: John at May 11, 2008 08:43 PM

I am sure that was supposed to make me quiver. I know the writer was "it," (its name isn't "John.") Can you see the venom? Does it even realize that is stalking behavior? Does it really believe it has the talent to know all of my sites? :) As for publishing it all: I hope it remembers that I Creative Common copyright all my text with a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license.

I do wish it would merely link to my sites. I love the traffic.

My wife asked why I didn't just ignore the comment. One of the reasons I write this blog is to share what I've learned. Maybe a reader has a problem with a person who can't let go. To them I'd like to say: "Alert the authorities if you have the need. At least let your manager know. Remember you can leave an idiot behind. Some day you'll listen to the birds; watch the sun shine and say into the breeze "Whatever."

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