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Welcome. All web sites are temples to their creators. Temple of Me will reflect what interests me, Temple of Me. I am a husband, father (twice), American, and liberal. I live in a "Red state" in the South. I am nearsighted, ambidextrous and over 30. Actually, I'm 153.33% of thirty.

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I'm driving in a construction area. They're repaving the road about half-a-mile from my house. My daughter and I are on our way home from the doctor. In front of my and in the other lane about 200 feet is a thump and a construction worker is falling back from a red car.

Immediately in front of me a siren comes on and lights flashing as the unmarked car pulls in front of the red car. The detective jumps out and orders the driver of the car out and to lay down.

My daughter is asking what is going on. I'm looking for ways to drive away if anyone starts shooting. But all is calm as the man lays on the ground. The detective keeps his gun trained on the man as he talks into a radio.

The construction guy seems to call someone right after being hit. He sits for awhile and then stands. I don't think he was seriously hurt.

In a few police cars start showing up. They handcuff the guy and put him in a cruiser.

The detective asks me to pull over. An officer takes my statement and they check my license. I guess to make sure I'm not wanted.

I talked to my daughter the whole time. To keep her calm I think. Or maybe for me. In any case they eventually tell me they're finished and we drive home. She's watching TV. All of it forgotten.

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