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To Jack. Kapica on the discovery of his article in the Globe and Mail

I just found this column from July 4, 2008

Here is my email to Jack Kapica:

Mr. Kapica,

For many reasons I've been a non-reader of boingboing for quite a long while. So, while looking at the Metafilter archives I was surprised to see my name mentioned in relation to the boingers.

The link led me to your column of July 4, 2008 at 9:40 AM EDT.

"Another, called Temple of Me, called it the "death knell of boingboing," expressing further disgust with a refusal to capitalize the blog's name."

Thing post you mentioned from my site was written March 10 2009, more than two years before this latest Violet Blue controversy. So, I most certainly didn't call removing the Blue posts the "death knell of boingboing."

Also, no disgust was expressed by my using "boingboing" instead of BoingBoing or Boingboing of bOINGbOING...each being ways the site and magazine had been called.

Since comments have shut down for that article, I would appreciate a correction published. For the sake of being correct if nothing else.

Thank you,

Temple of Me

or Temple of Me

or even Temple of Me if you like.

PS: If you need proof this is the same person that wrote the article you can check out my home page from the link you gave.


Update: Mr. Kapica was quick to publish a correction:

"In my July 4 blog entry on a controversy over the removal of all references to sex columnist Violet Blue from the boingboing blog, I referred to another blogger, called Temple of Me, who had printed some criticisms of boingboing in his blog, Temple of Me's Temple of Me. Temple of Me has just sent me an e-mail pointing out that the criticisms he made of boingboing were not in reference to the Violet Blue controversy, but in reference to another issue entirely; Temple of Me had, in fact, not made any comment on the Violet Blue matter. I regret the error."

I appreciate the correction and the speed to which it was delivered. That's proper "old-time" journalism.

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