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No More Public Scatology

That is a note from Appointed President Bush to his nominee to the Supreme Court, Harriet Miers. It is dated July 18, 1997. Remember that date. You can find it at The Smoking Gun along with a few others mash notes. (It is in response to the birthday card she sent that states in part: "Thank you for listening and for your time this week.")

So Miers had a heart-to-heart about something with Bush. It must have been strong because he states in his note:
"I appreciate your friendship and candor -- never hold back your sage advice." We'll get back to that exchange, but let us take a moment to see what a couple others thought Bush "No more public scatology."

Knight-Ridder offers this: "Scatology refers to "the study of or preoccupation with excrement or obscenity," according to Webster's dictionary"

True, but that would require Bush had picked up a dictionary once in his life.

David Corn believes " the "scatology" reference--which suggests that even Bush thought Miers might be laying it on too thick in public...." postulates that Bush meant eschatology: "The branch of theology that is concerned with the end of the world or of humankind."

Hey that almost makes sense, but see above re: Bush and dictionary avoidance.

Take another look at the note dated July 16, 1997 from Miers to Bush. In it she thanks the Governor for meeting with Larry Littwin and "Joe."

Who is Larry Littwin? At the time he was the new executive director of the Texas Lottery. He had been on the job for about a month. He wasn't long for the job though. He was fired on October 29, 1997. By Harriet Miers and the Texas Lottery Commission. They had "lost confidence" in him. I am sure it had nothing to do with his investigation of GTech. Who are they? Why, the company running the Texas Lottery.

Why was Littman investigating GTech? According to a bill submitted to the Texas Legislature "...Mr. Littwin continued a previously initiated investigation into, among other things, alleged unlawful campaign contributions made by GTech Corporation, through various subterfuges, in violation of the contract..."

When asked why he was fired, "He said he believes he was dismissed because of political pressure and because the Lottery Commission is acting on behalf of its main contractor, GTech." (3) "In his court pleadings, Littwin alleged that his dismissal was prompted by a connection between G-Tech lobbyist Ben Barnes and Texas Governor George W. Bush." (4)

Bush meets with Littman (1). Miers talks with Bush where she gives him "candor" and "sage advice." (2) Bush admonishes Miers "No more public scatology." A few weeks later Littwin is fired.


It's easy to figure out for a Southerner.

We often take a crude word or phrase and replace it with something that sounds dignified. It doesn't matter if the dignified word means exactly the same thing. It just has to be close so we know what the speaker really means.

"No more public scatology" is "No more public shit."

Bush wanted all the lottery investigation and problems out of the public eye and in the back room where he usually did his "business."

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