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Welcome. All web sites are temples to their creators. Temple of Me will reflect what interests me, Temple of Me. I am a husband, father (twice), American, and liberal. I live in a "Red state" in the South. I am nearsighted, ambidextrous and over 30. Actually, I'm 153.33% of thirty.

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Six years following my north star

Six years ago today I posted the following to a group on Usenet....

Please pardon the intrusion...

I have a message for a reader of this newsgroup. I am a lurker here, but the woman I love posts on occasion and I know she checks messages everyday.

Mizzy...we have known each other for quite awhile. Though we met a long time ago in a more traditional way -- the Internet has allowed us to stay in contact in ways that would have been impossible a few years ago.

The Internet allowed us to really get to know each other. We learned so much about each other as we exchanged letters. What a wonderful way to learn our thoughts, desires and dreams. I know it wasn't the way most people discover each other. We are not "traditional" types as you know. Now we are together and we have found even more things that we love and respect about the other.

I have thought of many ways to express myself during our time together. This time I wanted to really surprise you. I love you sweet one. I know that I want to spend each day getting to know you better. I know that I want to spend each day sharing our life. As we grow and evolve in our lives I want you to be the person I am closest to.

Mizzy. I have great respect for the way you live your life. We share so much of what we find important in this world. You are kind, thoughtful, intelligent, loving, and a beautiful soul. My greatest dream would be to spend the rest of my life with you. If I spent hours writing this I could not list all that is great about you. I'll close with words directly from my heart.

Will you marry me?

I have no idea if it was the first marriage proposal on Usenet, but it was my only one. She said yes. We were married soon after.

I've had six years to realize she really is as amazing as I thought then. Six years to watch her prove to be the single best mother I have ever seen. (Well, five -- our daughter's fifth birthday is in a few days.) Six years to watch her take every job challenge she faced and simply conquer. Six years to watch her adapt to a new society. Strike that...six years to watch her adapt a new society to her.

I marvel at her quiet strength. I stand amazed at her patience. Her beauty and grace are as evident this morning as the moment I watched her step onto the landing at our wedding.

I've had six years to realize that I, and please take this literally, am the luckiest person on earth. Six years ago I wondered how I could say what I felt. Six years later and it still seems words fail to properly express what is in my heart. What is true now as it was six years ago is that my greatest dream still is to spend the rest of my life with her.

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