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Welcome. All web sites are temples to their creators. Temple of Me will reflect what interests me, Temple of Me. I am a husband, father (twice), American, and liberal. I live in a "Red state" in the South. I am nearsighted, ambidextrous and over 30. Actually, I'm 153.33% of thirty.

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September 2009

  • Baked Boingboing - No, that isn't a new desert. It refers to another example of one of the Boingers going off half-cocked. Here's a link to the entry (Video: apparently-baked biz school prof who was soon fired). Look quick, god knows what it'll...
  • Flag Burning - I am firm in my belief that a teacher lives on and on through his students. Good teaching is forever and the teacher is immortal. -- Jesse Stuart You may not be familiar with Jesse Stuart, but you could...
  • Giving Up on Technorati - Maybe it is me. Maybe it is Technorati, but I can't get them to accept a ping or update their profile of the Temple of Me. Sure, it works at the old address, but not here. I've altered my feeds....
  • Spinach - The latest E.Coli scare won't have a benefit that it should...reminding consumers that the idea of "brand" is mere matter of promotion. Especially when it comes to fresh fruit and vegatables. Natural Selection Foods LLC is recalling the following brands...all...
  • James Michaels - I've mentioned the work of the artist James Michaels once before when my friends purchased Red Pants. Well, they've done it again. My daughter is standing beside I Had a Glorious Vision. I like the style of Michaels art...
  • And now to baseball... - If you read the sports pages today you're going to see many articles with this bit of information: New York's victory also eliminated the Braves from the NL East race, ending their record run of 14 straight division titles. 14...
  • Then and Now - I wrote this five years ago today: She cries and doesn't understand how even her tears remind me how much I am so glad she is in my arms. And how much I love her and her mother. I saw...
  • Dark, Rainy, Busy, Mind-Numbingly Boring, Crazy, Rainy, Dark - The title explains my day working the Primary. There really is no sense giving you a play-by-play. I don't want to relive the day. Two items of interest though: The man who brought his father in to vote. He was...
  • Vote Like You're in a Daley Election* - I'll be out from 5:30 a.m. today until 8 p.m. working the Primary elections here in Florida. It's my first election here and I look forward to seeing how the process works. As I'm not one to complain without helping...
  • Welcome - Welcome to the new home of the Temple of Me. You'll notice not much has changed, but I do have a couple of new features. Take a look at the right column: Nameplate Chooser, Syndication, and Flickr The order has...
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