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Welcome. All web sites are temples to their creators. Temple of Me will reflect what interests me, Temple of Me. I am a husband, father (twice), American, and liberal. I live in a "Red state" in the South. I am nearsighted, ambidextrous and over 30. Actually, I'm 153.33% of thirty.

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Welcome to the new home of the Temple of Me. You'll notice not much has changed, but I do have a couple of new features. Take a look at the right column:

Nameplate Chooser, Syndication, and Flickr
The order has changed, but you can find all syndication feeds, flickr photographs, and site templates in the right column. I hope to add at least one new template each month. The flickr photographs are a random sample of what I upload. The feeds come in three flavors and cover the main entries from this site.

del.icio.us links
The old Stoa Links (the Quick Links) have been replaced by my delicious bookmarks. These are links to sites or content I find interesting, and I hope you do too. If you use a feed reader you can subscribe to the delicious feed

Recent Comments
Self explanatory or comments recently made here. It's fun to see what someone else thinks of what I've written. Even if they hate it.

Favorite Posts
Sometimes I like what I've written. I'll list those favorite posts as i think about it. It will change every now and then according to my mood.

Temple of Me's Comments Elsewhere
Yes, that headline is in the third person. Looks odd to me too. But I do comment at other sites and this is my way of tracking what I've said where. There is even a feed for these links.

Blogs and other sites I like to read. I'm rebuilding this list. It'll probably be October before I have this list completed.

Music based on what I like or the songs that I've recently heard.

Links to a couple of organizations I favor.

I've joined Digg. I'm not sure how much I'll use it, but you can see here what I've "dugg."

Simon and Simon
My daughter and I are big Simon and Simon fans. We're putting together a site about watching the show. You'll find the latest 15 entries here, subscribe to the feed, or you can read the site yourself.

Tags and Archives
All the archives and tags have moved to the left column. The tags are in alphabetical order and I've eliminated the word cloud.

Tags (Categories)

Comments Closed

Due to the proliferation of comment spam, I closed comments on this entry. If you would still like to leave a comment, please use one of my recent entries. Tell me which entry and I'll move it back here. Thanks and sorry for the extra work.

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