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It's Postseason and I Post About a Commercial

Jeny Lens wonders if she misheard the singer from the Mastercard commercial "My Favorite Things." The ad uses the first and last verses from the Sound of Music song. Though the opening is "raindrops on roses," Lens heard "Angels on roses."

My wife heard “Angels” the first time also, but it’s always been “raindrops” for me.

I’d like to know why as the singer starts to scuba she suddenly develops a Southern accent with the line "“these are a few of my favorite things.” Also, doesn’t it sound like she totally loses pitch for the final “so bad…”?

And since my wife and I like this other commercial, I link it here. Well, actually back there.

Update: And here it is....

(I had missed it because I spell the title's first word "favorite.")

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I just updated my post to indicate I PVR'd it (like TiVo), so I played it over and over. I always tell peeps that I am so tone deaf it's rather ironic I became a top punk rock photographer. Or maybe it makes perfect sense, cos you sure don't have to have pitch to sing rock, especially punk rock!

But some people are blessed in one area, like visuals, and deficient in others, like music. That is certainly one reason I am drawn to music, cos I can't make it, sing it nor play it. But I can make art, that's for sure. Not to brag, but that's just the way the cards are sometimes dealt.

Ang-gels vs Rose-drops? We are not talking about rock music, but one of the most popular Broadway/movie musicals of all time. It's a no-brainer to look online for lyrics, although I certainly find mistakes online! They had to license it from the Rodgers/Hammerstein peeps (wow, is that a big and busy enterprise!), so how did that happen?

Hey, how did you find me? Glad you did, but I'm so busy I haven't figure out how to track traffic nor increase it til I get my site up and running better.

# Posted by: Jenny Lens at October 22, 2010 6:06 PM

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